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Don't be caught offgaurd.

Don’t be caught off guard by unexpected disaster. Take the proper precautions to avoid a very costly mistake


Redundancy can be a lifesaver.

Having a redundant server configuration can save you thousands. Companies today can not afford any downtime. 1 hour of a business being out of business can be damaging on many levels. Biz Hero Inc. can ensure you have 99.9% uptime using our virtual environment to create a safeguard for our business reputation and finances.

What's your plan.

We don’t want to just save you money, we want to help you protect it. Data insurance is just as important as business renters insurance. Biz Hero Inc. makes the¬†functionality of our members a priority.


Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore your data using our secure SSD drives and SAN technology to ensure on demand back up and restore services with 99.9% availability.



Implement server redundancy using our licensed VMware technologies. This package ensures increased uptime by keeping a carbon copy of your production server on standby in case your production server goes down. Allowing our technicians to repair the broken server while you work using the copy.


Deleted Disk Recovery

Biz Hero Inc. will help you recover your deleted data from your mobile and pc devices. Reformatted our disk? No problem. Send it over to us or if possible allow us to log in and we will save the day.

$150/per disk

Our Membership Services