Biz Hero Inc 3830 N 7th St suite 202
Phoenix, AZ 85014

We are more than agents.

Don’t be fooled by companies that just bring people in from anywhere and calls them agents. Biz hero Inc. provides our members with trained personnel that are screened and trained to offer the most productive service possible.


We are professionals.

Biz hero Inc. provides you with more than just agents, we provide professionals. We understand a strong phone presence is key in a successful business. But not every company has the resources, time or desire necessary to staff an in house call center. Let Biz Hero Inc. assist you by providing our extensively trained staff to act as an answering service, tech support or customer service department for your company. No matter if you are a doctors office needing the phones answered or a major vendor needing a full scale call center, when the phones ring, we answer.

Getting the job done.

Being a member with Biz Hero Inc. means gaining a much needed peace of mind as a business owner. We give you confidence in our ability to get the job done from the start. Allowing you to focus on the other important aspects of your company such as marketing and expansion.

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Biz Hero Inc Communications is widely known in the phone answering service industry as trusted leader for business communications support. Our clients take comfort as they forward their business calls to our team of friendly, cheerful agents delivering world class customer service.

In order to stay competitive and satisfy customer expectations, even small and medium size businesses must provide a 24-hour point of contact. If you are not available, you certainly risk the caller dialing your competitor. Our phone answering service is all about great live customer support so your callers won’t even think of calling anyone else.

Biz Hero Inc will answer your business line(s) during the needed hours in order to help your company provide a level of customer and business to business service that creates relationships. Not just sales. Our answering service solutions can be customized to meet your specific business requirements  And, unless directed by you, we do not disclose “we are just the service” like so many of our phone answering service competitors often do.

Taking responsibility for creating good customer relationships is how we enable organizations to improve their business presence. Our customer service call center solutions will create a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition

We create customized training programs to fit your company requirements. And because Biz Hero Inc. recognizes that product knowledge alone does not deliver a positive customer experience, each representative is given the tools necessary to treat and serve your customers like human beings and friends.  No one, including yourself, wants to hear a line of scripted responses when they call in with an issue.